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The featured speakers will address many aspects of risk-taking, innovation and invention, including:  entrepreneurship, leadership, organizational design for innovation, digital frontiers, integration innovation and risk-taking in library education, and designing learning spaces that inspire creativity.  Our featured speakers’ presentations will be inter-mixed with lightning rounds, posters, and panels by colleagues from across academic libraries presenting innovative applications that will inspire you.

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[agenda] [day date=”15 December 2018″]Day 1[/day] [event time=”12:30 — 14:55″ room=”Room A-18″]Event Description[/event] [event time=”15:00 — 16:25″ room=”Room A-18″]Per ferri adhuc delenit ne. Eu tale minimum delectus mea, nec ut omnium tamquam inermis. Quo ex facete convenire, ad his noster aliquip. Nusquam adipisci referrentur ei pro. Pri ne aeterno tritani.[/event] [lunch time=”16:30 — 16:55″]It’s a lunch or dinner time. Get some rest![/lunch] [event time=”17:00 — 18:25″ room=”Room A-18″]Event Description[/event] [day date=”16 December 2018″]Day 2[/day] [event time=”12:30 — 14:55″ room=”Room A-18″]Event Description[/event] [event time=”15:00 — 16:25″ room=”Room A-18″]Event Description[/event] [/agenda]

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